How to play poker card games

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As for how to play poker, there’s nothing complicated. Just know how to count card points. What kind of cards are winning? That’s all, you can easily make money from this type of card game, so let’s see how to play that we have gathered for everyone as follows.

card counting

Counting card points in the Pokdeng game, we have already told some of them in the beginning. But it is part of poker and bounce cards only. But this type of card points also has a variety of points together. By counting that point, it will be counted according to the face value of the card. Which is 2 – 9 points. In the case of 10 JQK cards. It will be counted as 0 points used as a control of other card points. Or add a bounce to common value cards of the same suit. For example, 6 + K cards of each suit will be counted as normal 6-point cards. But if 6 + K cards of the same club will be counted as 6-point bounce cards. Normal pays 1 times the bet, bounce cards pay 2 times the bet. 

But if in the case of 3 cards, 6 + K + J all 3 of the same clubs will be counted as 6 points 3 bounces. If winning. The dealer will receive a reward of 3 times the bet amount, etc., but if the dealer gets 8 poker cards -9. The game will end immediately from the first round because the dealer has already won all of them. But if Pok collides with the dealer, the capital will not be returned.

How to play poker card games

playing 3 cards

Pok bounce cards are not only hoping for card points and bounce 2-3 bounce only. But it also has the opportunity that we can make a reward of up to 5 times the stake as well. By playing 3 cards, in the event that the game goes on. The dealer does not hold the poker cards from the first 2 cards. Those 3 cards will have all sorts, masters and colors. Which playing colored cards is the card that we have already explained. In the first point is 3 cards of the same suit, can be called 3 bounce or color cards. As for the three cards, it is 3 cards that are all the same cards. The prize money is 5 times the bet.

 A sequence card is a sequence of cards from 2 – 10. For example, our first 2 cards are 2 – 3. Which is a total of 5 points. But we are not satisfied with the points only. It is a 2 – 3 – 4 card that receives a reward of 3 times the stake Sian cards are sequential cards. but will be 10 – A cards, for example, we hold 10 – J cards, which have no points, when drawing another card into Q, it is equal to getting Sian cards in a row that is 10 – J – Q.

And all of these are methods of playing both 2 cards and 3 cards, including counting points and winning within the game that we introduce to everyone. At the start of the game, everyone will be dealt 2 cards each and can draw more cards when it comes to playing another 1 card.

How is it for the bouncy card game that we introduce to each other this time? It would be quite satisfying for people who like to gamble on cards. A card game that everyone can participate in every round of betting. And is playing with the gambler himself who is the dealer, does not play with the system, so can win every round of playing in full itself